After Receiving Your Reader

How to charge your Wireless Card Reader


We've provided a micro USB charging cable in your launch kit which you can use to charge you Wire Card Reader by plugging it into a branded USB plug socket.

  IMPORTANT: To maximise the life span of the reader we would recommend charging from a plug socket in the wall, using a branded usb plug and preferably with a surge-protector.

The charging port for the Wireless Lite is located on the left hand side.


The charging port for the Wireless Pro is on top of the reader.


Battery charging tips

  • The card readers take 3 to 4 hours to fully charge from a wall socket.
  • If you're unable to turn on your reader, this may mean the battery is completely flat. Charge your reader from a plug socket for a few hours.
  • When the reader's battery is very low, an exclamation mark inside a triangle icon will display.
  • When the reader is charging you'll a red light (Wireless Pro: On top l Wireless Lite: On the side) to indicate it's charging and a lightening bolt over a battery icon will display.
  • When the reader has fully charged the fully charged battery icon will display.


  FIND OUT how to set up your Wireless Card Reader.

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