Before You've Received Your Card Machine

FICA Requirements

The Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) was implemented in 2001 in order to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism. In order to comply with this act, we will need to verify your identity.

How to submit your FICA documents

The way we verify FICA depends on how you receive your card machine. To check the method that applies to you, login to your online Business Portal here. Under the Confirm Identity section you will see one of the following:

  • For our CCD Deliveries please make sure you have the required FICA documents available for the courier:


  • For all other receiving methods, please upload your FICA documents. To upload documents, first browse and select your file/s and then click the Submit Documents button in the far right corner.


IMPORTANT: Please note that the required FICA documents you need to provide should be your personal documents and not business documents.

What if I don't provide my FICA documents?

If we do not receive your FICA documents we will not be able to settle your account (you will not receive the funds you have transacted). This is done for the protection of business owners, by ensuring that people are not transacting under false identities.

Which documents do we accept?

  1. Identity document

    This must be a clear, colour photograph of your Barcoded South African identity document (ID). We will also accept your Passport if your ID is lost, stolen or not yet issued.

    If you are signing up as a company and have a foreign Passport please provide this for FICA.

  2. Proof of residential address documents

    Any of the following documents will work as long as they have your full name and complete residential address on them. If the original document has a letterhead, please ensure it is legible when scanning or photographing. Please note that the required FICA documents you need to provide should be your personal documents and not business documents. We do not accept documents for PO Box addresses.

    Documents less than 3 months old:

    • Bank statement 
    • Body corporate or share block correspondence 
    • Cellphone account
    • Document issued in the name of a trust 
    • Rates and taxes 
    • Retail credit account 
    • Telkom account or other fixed line service provider

    Documents less than 6 months old:

    • Home loan statement from your bank

    Documents less than 1 year old:

    • Insurance policy
    • Motor vehicle licence
    • Tax return and any official document issued by SARS
    • TV license statement
    • Home lease/ rental agreement. This needs to show:
      • Your name
      • Your landlord's name
      • Physical address
      • The validity period
      • The signature page signed by both parties

I don’t have any of the above!

If you don't have one of the documents listed above you can ask a family member/ landlord to complete a Declaration Form. This form can be used if you are unable to provide any other type of proof of residential address listed here, and you live with someone who can provide it:

  • The declarer must complete the FICA Declaration form. 
  • The declarer must include a copy of their ID and an original proof of residential address document, as listed above.

Download the form below.

What files can we accept? 

We'll accept any of the following file types: .PDF, .PNG and .JPEG

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