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Merchant Agreement Update: January 2018

As of the 8th of January 2018, we're updating our Merchant Agreement to clarify and simplify several important items. 

The Merchant Agreement has been updated to:

  1. Clarify what is meant by a “Chargeback” in terms of the agreement;
  2. confirm that you accepted the agreement by clicking the acceptance button on sign up;
  3. include FICA as a step in the “Merchant Onboarding Process”;
  4. require you to let us know if you make any changes in the ownership of your business or if the authorised account holder changes;
  5. give Yoco the right to debit your Bank Account if there are not sufficient funds in your Merchant Account to do so to effect a Chargeback or settlement error;
  6. clarify that transactions may be processed outside of South Africa but must be in amounts denominated in South African Rands;
  7. highlight that you are responsible for your Merchant Account for as long as you are the authorised account holder;
  8. confirm that you are happy for us to share your Transaction details with our employees, agents, contractors and service providers for training, research, analysis and operational business purposes but only in accordance with our privacy policy;
  9. request you to inform us if you become aware of any infringement of intellectual Property by Yoco;
  10. reflect the latest company details.

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