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POS: Adding your business details

It's important to capture your business details, as the information will be included in the receipts that are emailed or SMSed to your customers. Please use a name that customers will recognise to avoid any confusion.

You can set this up easily on the mobile apps or via the Business Portal.

The business details that you can enter are as follows:

  • Trading name of your business.
  • Telephone number of your business.
  • VAT number of your business.
  • Default tax of your business. The two options here are No Tax (0%) or VAT (14%).
  • Your business trading address.

How to add your business details

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  1. On the top left of your app, select Menu, then Settings, and then Business Details.
  2. Enter your business Basic Information and Trading Address, and then select Save.

    IMG_6192.PNG IMG_51E35792329F-1.jpeg

  3. You can go back anytime to update or change your business details.
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