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POS: Adding and updating your personal details

The Personal Details section allow you to add or change your personal details at any time.

You can add or edit these easily on the mobile apps or via the Business Portal.

You can add or change the following information via the Personal Details section:

  • Your First Name
  • Your Last Name
  • Your Mobile Number
  • Your Email Address

How to add and edit your personal details

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  1. On the top left of your app, select Menu, then Settings, and then Personal Details.
  2. Add or edit your personal details, then select Save at the bottom right.


  3. You can go back anytime to update your personal details.

  IMPORTANT: If you're the main Yoco account holder, and you've added staff members to your business, your staff will be able to update their details on their own profiles. You can also update your staff details via the mobile apps or via your Business Portal.

  FIND OUT how to add staff members to your business via the mobile app or the Business Portal.

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