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How to activate tips

Enabling the tipping feature allows you to add a gratuity to a bill based on a percentage of the total or an added Rand value. For all Bluetooth card machines (Yoco Pro, Go and Lite), the tips feature can be activated from the Yoco App or Business Portal. For our 3G card machine, the Yoco Neo, the tips feature must be activated from the Yoco Neo card machine itself.

How to Set Up Tips (Using the Yoco App or Business Portal)

There are three options available when setting up tips:

  1. Ask for amount tendered (tips) on card payments: With the option enabled, when processing card payments, the app will ask how much you want to charge to that card. Enabling this is the easiest way to accept tips on card transactions.
  2. Show an add tip button above the bill: This option allows you to manually add a percent or amount tip to a bill before starting payments.
  3. Ask for tip on card machine: With this option enabled, your Yoco card machine will ask your customers if they would like to add a tip to their purchase before inserting their card.
Yoco App  Business Portal 

Set up tips via your Yoco App:

  1. Open the Yoco App
  2. On the top left of your app, select Menu, then Settings, and then Point of Sale.
  3. Under the Tips section, select which tip option/s you'd like to set up. Once checked, select Save.


  4. You can go back anytime and deselect any of the tip options. Once deselected, select Save to save your new setting.

How to Set Up Tips (Using the Yoco Neo)

You can accept tip payments from your customers by enabling the Tips feature on the Yoco Neo.009.png

To activate tips: go to Menu >> Payment Settings >> Tips On. Once enabled you will be able to select your default tip percentage, which will allow your customers to easily enter an automatic tip amount when processing a payment. Your customers can also choose to enter a custom tip amount.

When tips are enabled, the Neo will prompt your customers to choose whether or not they would like to add a tip. If they select No, the transaction will process without a tip amount. If they select Yes, they will be prompted to select or enter their preferred tip amount.


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