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What does the sign up process entail?

It’s really easy and affordable to get a Yoco card machine, no matter how big or small your business is. Here’s a quick guide on how to join the Yoco community, and get your hands on the future of card payments. 

  Remember that the Yoco App currently only works with iOS, Huawei and Android smartphones/tablets

Requirements to sign up with Yoco

To sign up with Yoco, you need to be: 

A business

  1. Legal Entities registered in South Africa (Pty or CC)
  2. The applicant must be the principal, director or legal entity.


An individual

  1. Must be a South African citizen (a requirement for SA ID Number)



How to Sign Up & Purchase a Yoco Card Machine

 Please note that if you will purchase a card machine through a retail store, or another online shop, you will still need to sign up online (make sure to select I have a Yoco card machine already when signing up) and upload your FICA documents (copy of your SA ID/passport), so that we can complete the process. Click here for more info on how to upload your ID.
  1. Sign up online.
    In order to get a Yoco card machine, you will first need to sign up with Yoco.
     will be required to enter the following details:
    • business type, business address, business name
    • bank account holder's name, surname, and ID number/permit number
    • trading name and CIPC number (if a registered company)
    • accept terms and conditions (which includes a privacy policy and vetting)
    • bank account details
    • order & purchase your card reader online (or purchase it at a retail store)
    • Once you've signed up and purchased your card machine, you'll receive an email with your receipt and a copy of the Terms and Conditions
  2. Add your Banking Details.
    If you skipped this part in sign up, you'll need to add it now. Add your bank details by logging in to your Business Portal (using the email address and password you used when signing up), select Business Settings from the navigation menu, then Bank Details.

  3. Your bank account gets verified.
    Once you've added your banking details, Yoco will verify this using the criteria detailed here.

  4. Your basic information is vetted.
    The basic information you entered into sign-up is then vetted (e.g. Name and ID check and MATCH Check). Once your vetting is approved, your card machine goes out for delivery. 

  5. Submit your FICA Documents. 
    If you purchased a card machine through the Yoco website, then your card machine is en-route with CCD couriers. The courier will check your Identity Document on arrival OR if your card machine was not delivered by CCD couriers, you will need to submit your Identity Document through your Business Portal

      IMPORTANT: You must be available with your Identity Document, to receive the card machine delivery. 
  6. Your Account is Activated.
    Once we've received your FICA documents and successfully verified your Bank Account, we'll activate your account for payout.

 You're all set and ready to transact! Take a look at our Using Yoco guide to help you start transacting.

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