Before You've Signed Up

How do I get Yoco?

Ready for Yoco? Great! First, please sign up for Yoco online.

To get Yoco, you must be:

A business

  1. Legal Entities registered in South Africa (Pty or CC)
  2. The applicant must be the principal, director or legal entity.


An individual

  1. Must be a South African citizen (a requirement for SA ID Number)

The process

  1. Sign up on our website.
  2. During the online sign-up, you will be prompted to:
    1. enter your delivery address
    2. enter your name, surname and contact information
    3. enter your trading name and CIPC number (if a registered company)
    4. accept terms and conditions (which includes a privacy policy and vetting)
    5. order & purchase your card reader via credit card, EFT or over a 16 week Debit Order
    6. enter your bank account details on your secure Business Portal

  • You'll receive an e-mail with your receipt and a copy of the terms and conditions;
  • We'll then vet your application and run account verification checks;
  • When your application is approved, we'll deliver your card reader and check your ID on delivery;
  • Provide your FICA documents (Copy of ID)
  • Once we've received your FICA documents and successfully verified your Bank Account, we'll activate your account for payout.
  IMPORTANT: You must be available with your ID for delivery purposes. Remember that Yoco currently only works with iOS and Android devices.
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